WaterQuest: the exciting new game by WaterAid

Have you ever imagined how you would cope if you didn’t have a tap with clean water at home? How would you wash, and what would you drink?
And what would you do if there was no toilets available?
This is exactly what the people you are about to meet have to deal with EVERY DAY...

Ambohimahatsinjo is a rural village in the highlands of Madagascar. People there are a hard working tight-knit community, but they face many hardships because they don't have clean water or toilets in their village. In this game you will explore  the village and surrounding area, talk to three key villagers, and help WaterAid decide what solutions to implement.

 An engaging game where you get to explore, understand problems and choose solutions to help WaterAid in their quest to improve lives and help people step out of poverty.  

Download and play!

First you need to get the game to your device. Find it in the Apple Store for your iPad, or on Google Play for your Android tablet. For Mac and PC, the links above will download a .zip file. On Mac OS just double click to open the app. On windows, follow the instructions in the "Readme.txt" file.


Talk to the villagers

Ernest, your guide will introduce you to the village. Then you will need to find 3 key people: Elisa, Cynthia and Marco. Each of them has a problem that you'll need to investigate and help to solve.


What is the right solution?

For each problem, you'll be able to propose different solutions. But be careful before you choose; make sure you find out exactly what each solution entails.


Visit again!

Present your solutions to WaterAid, but bear in mind that funds may be limited! After a few months, you'll be able to see how the village has changed.


Collect quotes...

Everyone you meet will have something relevant to say. You may want to keep their quotes to remind yourself of their issues, and to use them on your final report.

...and take pictures

You can also take pictures as you go along. There are breath taking landscapes in Madagascar, but you'll have to look out for hidden perils, such as the poo bushes!


Share your report

Once your aid work project is completed, you'll be able to put together a report with all you've learnt and done. You can use your quotes and pictures here, and you'll be able to share it and print it out.


WaterQuest in the classroom

If you are a teacher and you want to explore issues regarding the global water and sanitation crisis with your class, WaterQuest is a fun and interactive way to learn. It is aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 Secondary School students. It is specially well suited to the Geography curriculum, but it will work well within the context of Science, Citizenship and English, as pupils will be asked to explore and understand the plight of villagers in Madagascar, offer solutions and then compile a report using the quotes and images they have compiled during their exploration.

Aimed at 14 to 16 GCSE students, WaterQuest is an engaging way to explore the global water and sanitation crisis. 



Navigate the village and surrounding area. Locate the school and water hole, find the people and listen to what they have to say.


Understand the different options are available to tackle the village problems. Compare their merits and choose the most appropriate


Document your findings with quotes and images, then compile a report to print or share.