Find germs, zap germs, wash your hands

Germ Zapper is a great new game by WaterAid aimed at Early Years children. It helps little ones explore the world of germs, where they may be hiding in your house, and why it is importan to wash your hands.

As well as fun games of hide and seek and zap-a-germ, the app provides a thorough animated explanation of the correct hand washing sequence.

The game supports the Early Years Foundation Framework, in particular:

  • communication and language

  • mathematics (counting, understanding and using numbers)

  • understanding the world

  • personal, social and emotional development (PSHE).

Let's find those pesky germs and get our hands super clean! 

Download and play!

First you need to get the game to your device. Find it in the Apple Store for your iPad and iPhone, or on Google Play for your Android devices.

Or click on the app icon to play online!

For iOS

For iOS

For Android

For Android

Play online

Play online



Where are the germs hiding?

Use the magnifying glass to find the super tiny germs hidden in the house. Look out for door handles, light switches, kitchen surfaces and in the toilet.

Zap all those pesky germs!

You've found lots of germs, but now they're in your hands! Make sure you zap all germs before your meals, after playing outside and going to the toilet.


How to wash hands properly

Use a bit of soap and water to wash the germs away, leaving you with nice clean hands. Don't forget to wash up to your wrists and turn the tap off!