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Send those turds to the toilet!

Angry Turds is a game created by WaterAid to highlight the fact that 1 in 3 people around the world have nowhere safe or private to go to the toilet. This leads to people having to go outdoors, spreading deadly disease. Angry Turds is fun way to get talking about why poo needs to go firmly in toilets to keep the environment clean and communities happy and healthy. 

There are 2.4 billion people around the world without a toilet. That’s 1 in 3 people! A toilet is something everyone should take for granted – at home, school, work and in public places. It is a basic human right that protects people from dangerous diseases. The game is aimed primarily at children and families, but also the big kid in all of us.


A toilet is a basic human right that everyone should take for granted. Angry Turds is fun way to get talking about poo, toilets, and keeping communities happy and healthy.

The turds

Meet the stinky stars of the game. Whether in the dessert, the jungle or the savannah, you'll have to perfect your slinging faculties to make the best of each turd's special powers, and send them packing to a shiny toilet!

The tough nugget

The tough nugget.png

Good for long distance shots. Tap during flight to speed him up and set his trajectory in a straight line.

The bog standard

The bog standard.png

Just your run of the mill regular poo, but with an eye patch.

The splatter

the splatter.png

A multitasking poo, splits in three pieces when tapped mid flight.

The big plopper

The big plopper.png

Tap during flight and it will drop right down in a straight line.

The game

There are 30 levels to get through in angry turds, each of them getting more feindishly complicated. You'll visit exotic environments on your way, from the jungle to the dessert - but beware of obstacles! The fauna and flora of the place may unexpectedly get in the way, preventing your turd from reaching its target.